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Four easy steps to a great skincare routine

8 November 2021

Having great skin is not only a genetic blessing – anyone can have it just by incorporating a few healthy habits into daily life. It is indeed true that if one depends upon product reviews on articles or on what the doctor said, it’s easy to end up overburdened with a great number of opinions and options for every step of any skincare routine, from moisturisers to how to protect the skin from UV damage. At the end of the day, taking care of the skin is mostly a personal affair and depends solely upon what products or which methods work the best for the individual. One can opt for the high-end skincare products endorsed by celebrities or can go for the something new with the growing range of CBD skincare products coming out. Either way, there are plenty of options to choose from to

Here are a few easy steps to help sort out any skincare regime.


The most essential and basic step to kick-start a beauty regime is cleansing your skin thoroughly. Our skin inevitably comes in contact with a lot of factors each day such as pollutants, dust, and dirt, which cause great damage. It is a must to gently remove them every day or over time they can wreak havoc. While cleansing was considered a hefty ritual in the past, the procedure has become simpler, and they do not strip the skin of essential oils to the same extent. All that’s needed is a wash  twice a day, in the morning and at night before bed, to avoid acne, dullness and clogged pores.


By their traditional definition, toners used to be harsh alcohol-based products dried oily skin up and removed any traces of dirt left after cleansing. However, this definition has evolved. Today’s toners work as a way to deliver nutrients to your skin. Not only that, but they also help the face absorb other skincare products better, while at the same time balancing out the complexion. Toners also add an extra layer of replenishment and other specific ingredients the skin may not have received from other products. It’s important to always remember to use a toner after cleansing but before adding any other product.


Moisturisers do the basic job of hydrating and softening the skin. They also prevent …….

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